About Us

Ek Qadam Aur is a non-profit volunteering unit that was found in 2021. Students from numerous establishments from secondary colleges to universities are involved here in various drives and activities simply to bring a smile on the faces that cannot afford it. We at EQA aims to unfold happiness among youngsters, adults and elderly people with respect and consideration.

Behind our logo

The tree within the emblem infers our society and specifically it's trunk; on which the tree is standing have two persons in detail. One of them represents the resources vital for our survival (clothes, food, home) and another one represents the resources for joy and happiness in life that is crucial to make our life habitable and vibrant. The leaves grown from these branches indicates our individuals who have grown and nourished solely attributable to these resources availed to them, if any ward fails to own these resources thence rottens and crumble dying up.